About Us

We are a Young, Energetic
Water & Environmental Engineering Organization

We are registered as a small business entity in the state of California, providing unique solutions to our clients’ issues.  We are well-versed in multiple languages (English, Spanish, German, Tamil, Sinhala). We have worked in various states in the US (California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey) and in other countries (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Panama, Malawi, Nigeria, Sri Lanka).  The areas we have worked in the past include:

  • Planning and designing water treatment systems, irrigation systems, and wetlands
  • Designing field monitoring systems for water quality and water quantity data in tidal and fresh water wetlands
  • Conducting hydraulics and hydrologic studies, specifically, tidal hydraulics, bridge scour and flood plain studies
  • Carrying out physical and mathematical modeling studies in designing shipping canals, estimating sedimentation in reservoirs, and establishing habitat for flora (Cord grass) and fauna (Chinook Salmon)

Monitoring Wetland Activity