Welcome to Neer & Veethi ConsultantsĀ 

Water & Environmental EngineeringĀ 

Vision:  Be the leader in providing novel engineering solutions to water and environment issues

Mission:  Employing creative and holistic methods considering that we are part of the environment


  •          Respect—For humans and the environment
  •          Integrity— In our actions
  •          Diligence—In our work
  •          Innovation—In our mindset
Chone, Ecuador
West side plant

With more than thirty years of combined research, consulting, and construction of water and environmental systems experience, our services include but not limited to the following:

  • Studying hydraulics and sediment transport in rivers, estuaries, and reservoir
  • Modeling water quality in rivers and estuaries
  • Preparing flood inundation maps and Emergency Action Plans
  • Assessing, planning and designing water supply systems